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Some Day I will Succumb to Mortality Like The Rest of Us, But Death Itself Will Salute My Resilient Strength

We are so worried all the time about death, fearing the one inevitability in our lives. Sometimes, when depression hits, we convince ourselves that death makes everything in life worthless, because at the end we have no choice but to cease to exist. I take comfort in knowing that my story has an ending, that my path will one day come to completion. It comforts me to know that I am writing the book of my life, and I want its readers to wonder, to learn and enjoy and be left with something of ...

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How to Help your Kids Deal with Bullying on the New School Year

It is back to school time and there are many kids out there suffering from anxiety, just thinking about having to face the bullies in the new school year. It is our responsibility as parents to train our kids to successfully deal with these challenges, and not let their emotional distress take a serious toll on them. Here is a video on what you and your kids should be talking about when it comes to bullies.  

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Turn Impossible Into I’m – POSSIBLE!!

Sometimes our illness makes us believe that we are not worthy or capable of doing anything with meaning. We convince ourselves that we are just meant for the sadness of a broken world, of a skewed perspective. Everything that we feel we begin to believe is our inevitable reality, and that could not be further from the truth. You HAVE THE POWER to shape your reality and to become great, even in the midst of your limitations. Always remember to: Turn IMPOSSIBLE into I'M - POSSIBLE. #mentalil...

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