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My Stay In A Psychiatric Hospital and The INCREDIBLE Things I Experienced

Being the resident of a psychiatric hospital for a period can definitely bring some perspective to your life, and it was all I needed at the time, perspective. I had been focused on and so overwhelmed by the darkness that I lost all sense of true self; the awareness that I needed a significant shift in perspective, in order to get better.
Back then my life was that of a full-time pill junkie and alcoholic. I didn’t have a job because I couldn’t keep one, I had no money because I didn’t have a job, and whatever pennies I could scrape up were invested in drugs and alcohol. My wife of five years got fed up and walked out the door never to return, she took our one car and our pets. I was left with nothing, I was nothing. My parents were convinced I was going to die; having nothing else left I dedicated myself to my self-destructive vices. ...

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