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Escaping The Dark Side Through Purpose – This Will Change Your Life

Sometimes when I look at the reading on the screen of a heart monitor on an EKG machine, I am reminded of the ups and downs that life itself hits us constantly with. Throughout our short existence we are confronted with difficult situations that sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere. In contrast, other times we are surprised by things and events that we would never imagine could actually happen. For example, this past Wednesday a 53-year-old woman won a 758.7 million Power Ball Lottery jackpot, the second biggest in lottery history. I am also sure (although I don’t have specific details) that around the general time that this woman celebrated her incredible win (probably still in shock), there was more than one person around the world receiving very difficult news, not to mention those people that found themselves in situations that completely altered their lives, and, in the worst cases, even ended them. ...

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