2 posts from day 29/08/2017

Living Through The Nightmare of Benzodiazepine Addiction

One of the worse things about my anxiety was that it kept me convinced that there was something medically wrong with me, that I was going to die unexpectedly at any point from a horrible illness, without warning. I remember that as a kid there would be nights where I would be terrified of going to sleep at night, thinking that if I closed my eyes, when I opened them in the morning I would be blind, never able again to see the light. ...

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Protect Your Self Worth

There are so many times that we put ourselves down based on what others say or think of us. We become eternal slaves of the opinions of others, and when we look in the mirror every morning we don't see the person we are, we see the painted lines of the brush strokes of others, who carelessly attempt to put us together without really knowing us. We need to stop this type of behavior because it is counterproductive and can actually cause us real damage. When we look in the mirror we have to ...

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