2 posts from day 20/11/2017

Overdose-proof opioid? Scripps’ new drug could reduce deaths

Laura Bohn at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter for decades took a different approach to saving these lives: Why not make a safer opioid, one that doesn’t result in death by depressing breathing? The loss of respiration is the cause of most accidental fatal opioid overdoses. ...

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Australia: The New Smart Watch Tech that Could Diagnose Mental Illness

Up until now, wearable devices with heart rate monitors have been all about your physical fitness: They can tell you how intense your workout was, how quickly your body recovered, and even how well you slept afterwards. But a new screening technology claims to take note of your heart’s rhythms and use it to screen your risk of mental illness. Experts predict that we’ll soon even be able to diagnose conditions like clinical depression with 80 per cent accuracy. ...

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