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Parents Depression Can Funnel Down To Kids

Fathers who show signs of depression may be more likely to have kids who show signs of depression, especially in their teen years, according to a new study in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Read Entire Article Here 

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If a Friend With Depression Is Isolating Herself, Here Are 7 Things You Can Do to Help

When your friend is depressed and retreating from life, how do you draw her out of her shell without nudging her into an uncomfortable situation? It’s important to recognize that depression is extremely common and, like any illness, deserves your compassion. One in six people will experience depression sometime in his or her life, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Read Entire Article Here 

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Depression Is A Serious Mental Illness Made Worse By Society’s Expectations

Everyone wants to stay healthy. When I say healthy, I mean it in all the ways. Yes, mental health is also included in the ‘healthy’ category. When I say this, I can imagine a lot of people saying “Is it really that important?” But let me tell you, if a ‘regular’ illness can end a life, do you know what mental illness does? It does the same. There’s a slight difference though. People often end up taking their own lives by committing suicide. Read Entire Article Here

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