2 posts from month 02/2018


We were both victims, you and I, circumstantial altercations that swept our bodies and minds, rendering us useless in most situations, ignorant to things that mattered; the blurry image through the lenses of stigmas and lies. You see, we were set for failure from the very beginning. Unrealistic expectations and societal dilemmas impregnated our souls with borrowed views and opinions that blinded us, that chained us in eternal darkness. We were thrown in a garden were love doesn’t grow and ...

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I was gone for a little while. You were gone as well. Welcome back Jay! If that is even who I am anymore. Mental health makes you question a lot of things, significant things, trivial things. It makes you question the core of your own existence, but most importantly, the why. Why are you so fucked up Jay? After all the work you have done for yourself and for others you stoop this low? I wish I had an answer, or an excuse, like before. But the truth is that I don’t, not anymore. My excuse-fa...

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