2 posts from day 30/05/2019

Doctors Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Mental Illness in Children

Scientists are now developing an Artificial Intelligence System that can recognize signs of depression and anxiety in children. It does it by studying their speech patterns, and so far it has show to be over 80% accurate. There are many issues in the field of child psychiatry, including insurance problems, long waits for appointments and an overall failure to recognize the early or major symptoms of issues with children. For that reason, doctors are looking at new technology that could help ...

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Kit Harrington Opens Up About His Anxiety and Alcohol Dependence

Kit Harrington has opened up about the heavy toll the #jonsnow role had in his personal life, his anxiety and alcohol dependence. https://yhoo.it/2MfmHla  It can happen to any of us, and there should be no shame involved. Stress and anxiety can happen at any level of success, sometimes even more at the higher levels. These kids get literally thrown in situations they do not know how to deal with and expected to be ok. A high number of them end up breaking. Kudos to Kit for realizing there ...

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