About Jay

For over over two decades I struggled with depression and anxiety, and for the last ten years it drove me to a substance abuse problem that destroyed me phyically and emotionally, deeply affecting my relationship with those I loved. After  losing everything I cherished and landing in a psychiatric hospital, I knew I had to choose between drastically changing my behavior or dying. The journey I had to make was the toughest thing I’ve ever done, but it opened my eyes to what I had never seen before, and it transformed me into a version of myself that can look at the future with hope.

This novel is deeply personal to me, because it contains a lot of my own experiences, of my challenges, of my flaws. When I began writing it, I knew that I had to be explicitly honest with myself and with my readers, in order to convey the right message, and hopefully reach the hearts of those that may be going through something similar to what I did. So, even though it is a work of fiction, every page, in some way, is a part of me; a gift that I humbly present to you, my dear audience, in the hope that you carry that small piece somewhere in your heart, for the rest of your life.

To learn a little more about me and my work please visit jaychirino.com