Air Pollution Linked to Mental Health Issues, According to Researchers

We all know the damage that air pollution can have on the human body, especially the lungs. Air quality has gotten so bad in certain areas that it can actually be deadly to people living in them. But now, researchers and geneticists from different countries are finding it out that there may be an associated risk between the quality of the air and some mental illnesses.

You can read the entire story in National Geographic

There seem to be many factors that can prove to be a detriment to mental health, and it is good that science is taking an interest in this things, so we can better understand the dangers and take the necessary actions to avoid them. Our environment is definitely at risk these days, and we have to realize that it is not only the planet that is suffering because of it, it seems, human beings are being negatively affected in more than one way.

What do you think the solution for this should be?

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