Alcohol Causes Most Overall Harm Over Any Drug

An Australian study funded by St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, examined 22 drugs and measured the risk to an individual and the damage to society as a whole.

Alcohol was, by far, the most damaging drugs to Australians, scoring 77 out of 100, followed by crystal meth, heroin and fentanyls.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

The scariest thing about alcohol is not only how damaging it can be, it is that it is a staple of our culture and society, and most of the events that we entertain ourselves in have alcohol included in the mix. I have actually found it challenging to tell others that I abstain from drinking when I go out, and sometimes I have even slowly sipped on a beer just so I don’t seem out of place. I know, huge mistake. But it happens. Luckily it hasn’t driving me to binge drinking again, but it could, and I would hate to put myself at risk because of it.

The reality is that Americans, just like Australians, rely on alcohol pretty much every week, and cannot see a life without it, or a reason why. Even when I talk about the dangers of alcohol online, many people choose to comment that alcohol has nothing but benefited them, and that in order to be damaged by it one has to be an outright drunk, which is not the case.

I am happy to see that these studies are being done, and hopefully they will be able to educate our society on the real dangers of alcohol, maybe waking some people up and helping them lead healthier, happier lives.

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