Canadians Are Getting Hooked on Opioids, and This is Why

It looks like The US is not the only country that is dealing with a severe opioid epidemic, and the Canadian pharmaceutical industry is also playing a big role in swaying the opinions of doctors, funding medical schools and affecting the type of drugs that are generally prescribed.

Global News in Canada is doing a 4-part series documenting what is going on with the addiction problem in their neck of the woods, portraying real life stories of people that were, sometimes, unnecessarily prescribed or over-prescribed pain medication, which ultimately led to a severe opioid addiction problem.

You can read the heart-wrenching stories here.

It seems like the common denominator in this epidemic, no matter the country, is the greed of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and a government that, because of the lobbying efforts, generally prefers to look away.

Education is our number one defense to not fall in the trap. Being aware of the dangers involved and knowing when to question your doctors is crucial. I will continue to shed light on these important issues, because people are dying.

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