Dare to Impress the Right Person

We spend so much of the valuable time in our lives making incredible efforts to be what we think others want us to be, to do and look and act like we think we are supposed to, based on the criteria that the people around us have set for us. I am here today to tell you to stop it. Stop, right now.

There is no one more important in this world for you than you. There is nothing that matters most for your happiness and peace of mind that you encourage yourself to do and be and act exactly how it makes you happy, without pretending and hiding and talking like you are expected to. Come on over to the other side, its much better here, on the side of freedom. This is what true happiness is like, because happiness is not on the outside, and it cannot be collected or bought or received. It grows from within, and you have to nurture it and help it flourish, you, no one else can.

Be Free.

Protect Your Self Worth

There are so many times that we put ourselves down based on what others say or think of us. We become eternal slaves of the opinions of others, and when we look in the mirror every morning we don’t see the person we are, we see the painted lines of the brush strokes of others, who carelessly attempt to put us together without really knowing us. We need to stop this type of behavior because it is counterproductive and can actually cause us real damage. When we look in the mirror we have to see ourselves for who we are, for who we really are, not letting others infiltrate our minds and guide our emotions for us.

You decide, you are you, your self-worth is yours and no one else’s. Don’t give the world something that doesn’t belong to it.

Escaping The Dark Side Through Purpose – This Will Change Your Life

Sometimes when I look at the reading on the screen of a heart monitor on an EKG machine, I am reminded of the ups and downs that life itself hits us constantly with. Throughout our short existence we are confronted with difficult situations that sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere. In contrast, other times we are surprised by things and events that we would never imagine could actually happen. For example, this past Wednesday a 53-year-old woman won a 758.7 million Power Ball Lottery jackpot, the second biggest in lottery history. I am also sure (although I don’t have specific details) that around the general time that this woman celebrated her incredible win (probably still in shock), there was more than one person around the world receiving very difficult news, not to mention those people that found themselves in situations that completely altered their lives, and, in the worst cases, even ended them.

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My Stay In A Psychiatric Hospital and The INCREDIBLE Things I Experienced

Being the resident of a psychiatric hospital for a period can definitely bring some perspective to your life, and it was all I needed at the time, perspective. I had been focused on and so overwhelmed by the darkness that I lost all sense of true self; the awareness that I needed a significant shift in perspective, in order to get better.

Back then my life was that of a full-time pill junkie and alcoholic. I didn’t have a job because I couldn’t keep one, I had no money because I didn’t have a job, and whatever pennies I could scrape up were invested in drugs and alcohol. My wife of five years got fed up and walked out the door never to return, she took our one car and our pets. I was left with nothing, I was nothing. My parents were convinced I was going to die; having nothing else left I dedicated myself to my self-destructive vices.

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Change Your Life In 10 Minutes

So many of us struggle through life because we are never taught the basics of success. We just left our illnesses and mental deficiencies overwhelm us becuase no one ever tells us that we are stronger than them. I am here today to tell you that you are, and no matter the circurmstance to you push forward and achieve whatever you want.  Here is a video that will explain exactly how.


My Journey Through Anxiety, Depression and the People that Changed my Life

I was very honored to be able to write a guest post on Marty’s blog, Gum On My Shoe, about the journey that I took through the waters of depression, addiction and anxiety. This is very personal to me, yet a story that like The Flawed Ones needed to be written. I would be immensely grateful if you visited Marty’s blog and read, not only my article, but the rest of the great mental health content that his site contains.


Some Day I will Succumb to Mortality Like The Rest of Us, But Death Itself Will Salute My Resilient Strength

We are so worried all the time about death, fearing the one inevitability in our lives. Sometimes, when depression hits, we convince ourselves that death makes everything in life worthless, because at the end we have no choice but to cease to exist. I take comfort in knowing that my story has an ending, that my path will one day come to completion. It comforts me to know that I am writing the book of my life, and I want its readers to wonder, to learn and enjoy and be left with something of value when they go over my legacy. That is what life is all about, not what is out there in the far future; the one thing that cannot be changed. We have to carve ourselves in stone now, and be known, and reach goals, and explore, and experience. We have this amazing gift and we cant waste it worrying about when it will be taken away from us. We have today, and that is more than enough. Show your strength. Evolve. Progress. Disrupt.

Turn Impossible Into I’m – POSSIBLE!!

Sometimes our illness makes us believe that we are not worthy or capable of doing anything with meaning. We convince ourselves that we are just meant for the sadness of a broken world, of a skewed perspective. Everything that we feel we begin to believe is our inevitable reality, and that could not be further from the truth. You HAVE THE POWER to shape your reality and to become great, even in the midst of your limitations. Always remember to:


Have You Ever Experienced “The Ravenous Terror of Constant Torment”?

Have you? Something that tortures you constantly but that you cannot escape? Well, for some people that suffer from schizophrenia, this might be the case. We are able to escape, most of the time, our external sources of pain, but when your bully resides in your mind, how do you escape it? The Flawed Ones explore the world of those whose voices won’t let them rest, those who fight an evil that cannot be killed or contained. Register today for a chance to win a free copy before release date.