Dare to Impress the Right Person

We spend so much of the valuable time in our lives making incredible efforts to be what we think others want us to be, to do and look and act like we think we are supposed to, based on the criteria that the people around us have set for us. I am here today to tell you to stop it. Stop, right now.

There is no one more important in this world for you than you. There is nothing that matters most for your happiness and peace of mind that you encourage yourself to do and be and act exactly how it makes you happy, without pretending and hiding and talking like you are expected to. Come on over to the other side, its much better here, on the side of freedom. This is what true happiness is like, because happiness is not on the outside, and it cannot be collected or bought or received. It grows from within, and you have to nurture it and help it flourish, you, no one else can.

Be Free.

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