Famous Comedians Address Depression and Anxiety in New Documentary

Sometimes we have the misguided belief that the people that make us laugh are the happiest people in the world. Then we hear about icons like Robin Williams taking their lives and we do not understand why.

Now, according the Huffington Post, comedians like Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson and Wayne Brady are showing people the not-so-funny part of the story, and share the own stories and struggles with depression and anxiety. “Its Not That Funny,” is the name of the film that would soon be released , where the comedians open up and discuss how mental health issues have affected them through the years. “All of us learn a skill set inherently as children that gets us through childhood,” Silverman says in the trailer, which was released on Tuesday. “100% of comedians become comedians because somewhere in their childhood, they needed to be funny in order to survive.”

You can read the entire story here

One of the reasons that ending the stigma of mental illness is so important is because most of the time you cannot notice it on people who are struggling. It is hard to know what a generally happy person is really feeling on the inside when they are alone, and a lot of them do not want to talk about their emotions, exactly because of the stigma imposed by society. The truth is that there are a lot more people suffering than we know, and a lot of those people will end up taking their own lives unless they get the help they need, and the support they deserve.

It is encouraging to see those that have a platform to reach millions talking about mental illness. Hopefully this will encourage others to keep the conversation going.

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