Her Treason (Chapter 4 Excerpt)

I saw her face, smiling with that smile that made my knees weak and my heart tremble with a rush of emotion. She connected with my eyes and got lost in hopes and dreams, in plans of a future with good food, far travels, of kisses under the rain and cuddles on those cold nights, where the air smells of wood fire and the breeze turns your cheeks red. In me she saw her every day; getting home from work to a cup of coffee and destressing conversation, walks under autumn leaves and sunsets in the summer. She saw a confidant that would never let her down, a friend that she could always trust, a lover that would always satisfy her. I could tell by the way she looked at me that with me she saw eternity in her finite existence, death not a worthy adversary against the strength of our love.

The scene in my head abruptly changed, and now there I was, sitting in a bed, forcing an exorbitant number of pills down my throat, coming in and out of consciousness, every memory a choppy blur. I heard yelling in the distance, but couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I could feel the force of someone rocking me back and forth; maybe an effort to make me listen, to pay attention. But it wasn’t working; I became nauseous and more belligerent.  Another change of scene and there she was, in the corner of a dark room, sitting on the floor with knees bent toward her face, sobbing uncontrollably, shaking in her own sweat. All her face now showed was unmeasurable fear and emptiness, a deep black hole in the middle of her soul that was gradually expanding and swallowed every dream it touched, leaving her with nothing but flagrant dismay.

Another abrupt change of scene and she smiled again, hope radiating one more time, eyes shining with revived expectations. I remembered that expression, I yearned for it, as it tugged my insides with more force than anything else in existence.  For a second it made me happy and brought me a smidgeon of comfort, but the feeling didn’t last long, as I was forced to pay attention and figure out the reason for her glow.

She took off her clothes, slowly, with that raw sensuality that was as unique to her as her signature. Her top came off and so did her skirt, leaving her in nothing but her pink underwear, the one from Victoria’s Secret that I had bought and surprised her with on our first anniversary. She almost looked shy, as if she was about to reveal a very deep secret, one she never had. Her bra found its way to the floor, and her breasts looked as splendid as ever, gleaming in the soft lights, bathed in her unblemished alabaster skin.

A pair of masculine hands grabbed her firmly by her waist, and she sighted with lust.  The tip of the fingers traveled north, barely touching her skin; just enough to drive her crazy. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth stayed open, but did not make a sound. She was in so much pleasure she was forgetting to breathe. His mouth found hers and nibbled on her lower lip, as his hands now held both of her breasts tightly. He passionately pushed her onto the bed and climbed on her, without losing contact with her mouth. Two bodies started to tumble and intertwine, two bodies started to become one. The rest of her underwear quickly came off, she wasn’t shy about sharing her secret anymore. She closed her eyes and tried to hold her moans, but didn’t succeed. Sweat gushed from her pores and she glistened. Her neck arched as she let out a loud, extended sigh that signaled her climax. Then she breathed heavily, full of satisfaction, as she looked in the eyes of the man that had brought her inexplicable pleasure, a man that wasn’t me.

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