Mental Health Experts Say You Have to Talk to Your Kids About Suicide Now. DO NOT WAIT

Sept 10 was Nation Suicide Prevention day, and it is alarming to see the skyrocketing numbers of suicides that are happening in the teenage population. Depression between teenagers has risen more than 60%, and suicide more than 50%. Experts are scrambling to figure out why this is happening.

For that reason, mental health specialists at the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital now say that, since half of all mental health issues start by the age of 14, parents and others should begin asking young people directly if they are thinking about hurting themselves or committing suicide.

They mention that you do not have to wait for a crisis to occur for you to check in and talk to your kids. And you should do this often. In today’s environment emotions can change drastically from one day to the other.

The main responsibility for the well being of their children is the parents’. But parents are busier now than ever, and many teens raise themselves in front of the television, the computer or the cell phone. Bullying is not restricted to school anymore; it goes everywhere with them, and it can literally be making their lives a living hell. Are you talking to your kids on a regular basis as a friend, making sure they are in good mental health?

In last week’s Wise Distortion Podcast, we discussed the mental health epidemic that we are seeing in our kids today. Parents should definitely give this one a listen: