More doctors prescribing “nature” for anxiety and depression

Scientists have found that spending two hours a week in nature is strongly linked to better health and well-being. According to the NHS, it is not surprising then, than more doctors than ever are giving out “green prescriptions” to those that suffer from conditions like anxiety and depression. Activities like walking and gardening are among the most popular recommendations that doctors are giving.

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Chronic depression cannot be cured by just gardening and walking. This is a fact. Many patients require medications and other treatments in order to feel better. But, being in nature can stimulate some of the most profound feelings a human being can experience, and there is no doubt that it can help it keeping us happier. It should be a part of everyone’s mental health kit, whether chronically sick or not.

It is also true that many people that have chronic depression will find it almost impossible to do the most menial things. For that reason it is recommended not to go out every day, but maybe make the effort to do it at least twice a week, for an hour or less each time. The person that is sick will feel accomplished for the efforts, and their brain will reward them for that and the nature experience.

If you are a sufferer of anxiety or depression, give nature a try. It could surprise with the results. But remember, it is not a replacement for medication and other treatments. It is just another tool in your belt.

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