Ohio Doctor Charged with Murder After Prescribing Excessive Doses of Painkillers

Prosecutors in Ohio have charged William Husel with 25 counts of murder after a six month investigation gave light to the fact that he was excessively prescribing pain killers to his patients. Husel has pleaded not guilty and released under a $1 million dollar bond. He faces up to 15 years in prison per charge.

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said that the doses prescribed by the doctor “could not support any legitimate medical purpose,” according to MSN news.

Investigators are continuing to work on the case. You can read the entire story here

The scary part about the opioid epidemic is this, that those have made an oath to protect us from it are the ones that are perpetuating it. Big Pharma companies and many doctors in the United States are at fault for the deaths of countless people, who have unnecessarily gotten addicted to opioids and overdosed. If we do not to a better job at regulating this dangerous drugs, at educating our communities and our children on them, and on making sure that those that have our health in their hands legitimately care about our well being, this epidemic will last for a very long time and claim many more lives.

The question remains, how do we that, and who should be taking the lead in making sure this happens?

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