Simon Pegg Discusses His Alcohol Addiction and Depression

Simon Pegg, the actor known for movies like the Mission Impossible Franchise and Shaun of the dead, has recently talked about his struggles with depression and addiction. “What I have come to realize from back then is that depression is always there,” Pegg said in an interview with G2 Hype. “No matter what I did. I don’t think you ever really lose your demons. You just try to find a way to keep them in their place,” he said. After hitting rock bottom, Pegg finally ended up seeking treatment and stopped drinking all together. You can read the entire interview here

I greatly appreciate people of this type of profile to come out and talk about their personal struggles with mental health, as it shows us that we are all at risks of these diseases as human beings, no matter what our social status is.  One of the biggest issues with mental illness is that most people that suffer from it do not feel understood by others and become convinced that they are alone, which is not true. People with a platform like Simon’s can reach those people and give them tremendous hope.



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