Some Day I will Succumb to Mortality Like The Rest of Us, But Death Itself Will Salute My Resilient Strength

We are so worried all the time about death, fearing the one inevitability in our lives. Sometimes, when depression hits, we convince ourselves that death makes everything in life worthless, because at the end we have no choice but to cease to exist. I take comfort in knowing that my story has an ending, that my path will one day come to completion. It comforts me to know that I am writing the book of my life, and I want its readers to wonder, to learn and enjoy and be left with something of value when they go over my legacy. That is what life is all about, not what is out there in the far future; the one thing that cannot be changed. We have to carve ourselves in stone now, and be known, and reach goals, and explore, and experience. We have this amazing gift and we cant waste it worrying about when it will be taken away from us. We have today, and that is more than enough. Show your strength. Evolve. Progress. Disrupt.

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