Who Are You?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked that question? Who is that person staring back at you, judging you, questioning every single one of your moves? Are they in control, and if they are not, who is? Sometimes those questions may be too existential to some people, who would just rather ignore them and continue roaming through life aimlessly, hoping to find good fortune and happiness in only-god-knows what.

If you have followed my articles and my posts on social media you already know that I am a big promoter of self-love and self-fulfillment, of being in control of your actions and doing things because you love doing them, and not because other people want you to or expect it from you. You must be able to break down the barriers of societal pressure, and become a self-fulfilling machine that will never go empty.

But in order to do that you have to have a purpose, you have to define yourself. Who are you? is a critical question. We are usually defined by what we do, or how we act, right? For example, if you fly planes for a living, when someone asks “who are you?” you will say, “I’m a pilot”. If you operate on people, you will say “I’m a surgeon.” Your name takes second place to your trade, or to the thing that defines you. Sometimes people are defined by negative things. That bad man is a drunk, or a wife-beater, or a bank-robber. I even read on a book a long time ago that criminals sometimes become criminals because it defines them as something and gives them purpose. That is why serial killers always want their crimes to be known, almost as if they were works of art.

So, who are you? What will define you? Will it be your mental illness? Will it be your addiction? Or will it be the strength you had to overcome those challenges?

Look in the mirror. The choice is yours.

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