A Critically Acclaimed Journey Into the World Of Mental Illness and Addiction

A Look at Addiction and Mental Illness like it has never been seen before.

In this compelling novel, Jay Chirino channels his own struggles with depression and addiction, creating a universal story that is painfully relatable for those with similar issues, and eye-opening for the ones that haven't dealt with the challenges of mental illness.

Intense, provocative and real, The Flawed Ones sheds light on a taboo topic that needs to be talked about, and Jay Chirino has found a fascinating way to do just that, giving a voice to those that didn't have one. A slightly biographical tale mixed with poetic prose and tear jerking stories of people with great hearts, this novel will have you creating deep, emotional and significant connections within your soul.

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"The Flawed Ones was a fantastic look into the world of mental illness and addiction. Filled with bizarre and lovable characters, many different kinds of illnesses are portrayed, all connected in that some trauma or event in each person’s life affected them in an intense way. The Flawed Ones shows that no matter what illness and/or addiction you are suffering from, you are not alone. You are connected to a large group of people in the world who feel the same way you do. And your flaws are what make you special to this world." – Alexis Robinson

“A lot of people describe depression as a void that swallows you whole and won’t let you feel anything at all. My depression consisted of immeasurable sadness that depleted any positive feeling or outlook for the future. It was a black hole that attracted and swallowed my reasons for being happy, the things that I enjoyed doing, the desire to do anything at all. I didn’t feel like dying, but I didn’t feel like living either. I was alive only because my lungs still breathed oxygen and my heart pumped blood through my veins. Little did I know at the time that a nine-year-old should not be feeling such an overwhelming emptiness, but I was, in ways that were almost impossible to accurately explain."


"Enter the world of mental illness and the challenges that one faces when having a debilitating mental illness. Bravo to Chirino for sharing the story. This story takes on the journey of the challenges of mental illness compiled with addiction, which leads to a downward tail spin which never seems to end. It's a well written experience of survival and challenges, within the confines of a hospital, and confrontation of a past that is regrettable and forgettable. I enjoyed the story and felt drawn into. This story should be shared, so read it and share it with others." -Amy's Book Shelf Reviews


"Whether or not we have gone through similar struggles, this read will give insight into the human condition, that which is common to us all. With Jay’s empathy and candor, not to mention his poetic turns of phrase, I am inspired to mold beauty out of tragedy , watch sunsets, and never give up." - Mari Carlson  (Mari's Book Reviews)

"There was an intense silence that brush-stroke the scene of one of the most powerful moments that I have ever been a part of; the moment where all barriers are broken, the limitations of our minds and crippled bodies erased, leaving nothing but pure humanity, naked and transparent, fueled by the most primal instinct that connects us all: love"

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"My eyes welled up and a few tears painted lines on my face, this time not because I was feeling the sting of depression, or loneliness or fear, not because I was drowning in a sea of self-pity, thinking I was less than nothing. This time I cried because I saw the futility of lives that did not get a choice, of souls that were chained to their destiny with unbreakable links, of people who would never see the colors they deserved to see, who would never feel the love they deserved to feel, or live the lives they deserved to live. I saw them, and in them I saw me."