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Why the Opiate Epidemic Is Not Going Away Any Time Soon

A brief recap of my interactions with opiates: Several years ago, I had an acquaintance that for a short period of time had access to and sold painkillers. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of exploring a new high, I bought several Oxycodone pills from him. That night I went home, crushed two of them into a fine powder and railed them as if they were lines of coke. The euphoria that followed was completely unprecedented. There was a garden of pretty flowers growing from the center of my belly and stemming toward my limbs. I was so light that I felt almost weightless, both physically and emotionally. All the darkness of the world had instantly and magically dissipated. It was an intense, unique and incredibly addictive feeling that I have only experienced at that level with opiates, which led me to the conclusion that this was a big-league substance, one with the ability to cause major damage in one’s life. ...

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