Gaming Addiction is Real and It Has Ruined Teenagers Lives

With the rise of the popularity of video games like Fortnite, the problem of video game addiction has become more prevalent in today’s society. Now, as a gamer, I hate the fact that many people blame the games themselves for the addiction problem in children, when they themselves are addicted to social media, or alcohol and drugs. Yes, video games are designed for you to want to continue playing them, but at the end of the day, just like everything else, it is up to our society to educate on the dangers of playing too much, or being on your phone too much, or drinking too much. For that reason I completely disagree with Prince Harry who called for a complete ban of Fortnite, saying that there was no benefit to having the game in your household. I have a fourteen year old son that lives with his mother, and sometimes our greatest interaction is by playing Fortnite together online, and we enjoy each other’s company and interaction. I can still do that and hold a job, write, run a podcast and be what I believe to be a somewhat balanced individual (we all have a lot of work to do on that end)

However, I do agree that video game addiction is a real problem and the stats show them. People getting divorced over them, others dropping college or losing their jobs, being stuck playing over 70 hours a week, this is all real. The Sun explains how many people have fallen into the trap of video game addiction here

Yet banning video games is not the answer, in my opinion. Most people enjoy video games in a balanced way, and studies have shown that they can even help children focus better and develop beneficial mental skills. We do need to educate our population, and especially the young ones about the dangers of taking it too far, and teaching them coping skills if they find themselves driven to play video games as a form of escapism, which could lead to addiction.

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